Nesoberi buying guide

In this guide I’ll write down all the methods I know. There are surely a lot more, but this is usually what works to me.
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Nesoberi nuigurumis (Nesoberi(s) or nesos(s)), literally “lying down plush toy”, are a series of plushies posed lying on their front, with large heads. These are manufactured by SEGA and they’re usually on UFO catchers all over Japan. They are very good for hugging! Or just putting them on display. Starting with the Love Live! series in 2015, in an interview made around 2019, SEGA stated that there are now around 400 varieties from 70 series, and 4.6 million in the market.

There are a lot of neso sizes, listed below:

RABUAGAIN: The only store I’ve used and the experience was pretty good! Prices are good (they also have some used ones on stock and ocassional discounts if you wanna save a bit) and they give you free goodies! EEUU based

fusouu.sales: Never used it before but seems legit, good prices. Also does monthly giveaways apparently, nice! EEUU based

SolarisJapan: Pretty good prices apparently, was expecting higher based on what I’ve read

The cheaper nesos will always be found in Japan, but many people don’t want to deal with international shipping, but you can still buy from there using a proxy or a forwarder

A proxy buys the product for you from the online store, ship it to their warehouse and then ship it to you. Some companies/users may decline to deal with a proxy, so be wary of that.

A forwarder works similar to a proxy, except that you do the online order. They give you a japanese address and then you buy the item, shipping it to that address, and then they’ll forward it to you. Note that forwarders, in order to comply with japanese anti-gang laws, will need proof of your identity and address before forwarding. Usually this requires you to send photo of an ID with your name and address on it.

There’s no answer on which one is better as each one has it’s pros and cons, so you’ll need to decide yourself.

Proxies Forwarders
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Pretty simple, just get a link and done May be slower placing your order Full control over your order You need knowledge about japanese address
Can ask questions to the seller More expensive than a forwarder in most cases Cheaper than a proxy in most cases Need to send ID verification

The following is a list of both proxies and forwarders. Please keep in mind that the fees don’t include shipping fees, as it varies a lot depending on weight and region.

Name Cost per package Consolidation fees
JPN-Depot ¥200 ¥100 per package
Tenso Based on weight, around ¥570 for a MJNN ¥200 + ¥300 per package beyond the first
Name Cost per package Consolidation Fees
Buyee ¥300 (¥0-500 for insurance/inspection) ¥500 for two packages or ¥1000 for 3 or more
Neokyo ¥250 (plus ¥500 for shipping) Free?
JPN-Depot ¥400 ¥100 per package
JPShopping Varies per price, ¥300+ Free
μ's Aqours Nijigaku Liella!
Honoka Kousaka 高坂穂乃果 Chika Takami 高海千歌 Shizuku Osaka 桜坂しずく Kanon Shibuya 澁谷かのん
Eli Ayase 絢瀬絵里 Riko Sakurauchi 桜内梨子 Kasumi Nakasu 中須 かすみ Keke Tang 唐可可
Kotori Minami 南ことり Kanan Matsuura 松浦果南 Rina Tennoji 天王寺 璃奈 Chisato Arashi 嵐千砂都
Umi Sonoda 園田海未 Dia Kurosawa 黒澤ダイヤ Ai Miyashita 宮下 愛 Sumire Heanna 平安名すみれ
Rin Hoshizora 星空凛 You Watanabe 渡辺曜 Ayumu Uehara 上原 歩夢 Ren Hazuki 葉月恋
Maki Nishikino 西木野真姫 Yoshiko Tsushima (Yohane) 津島善子 (ヨハネ) Setsuna Yuuki 優木 せつ菜 Kinako Sakurakoji 桜小路きな子
Nozomi Tojo 東條希 Hanamaru Kunikida 国木田花丸 Karin Asaka 朝香 果林 Mei Yoneme 米女メイ
Hanayo Koizumi 小泉花陽 Mari Ohara 小原鞠莉 Emma Verde エマ・ヴェルデ Shiki Wakana 若菜四季
Nico Yazawa 矢澤にこ Ruby Kurosawa 黒澤ルビィ Kanata Konoe 近江彼方 Natsumi Onitsuka 鬼塚夏美
Shioriko Mifune 三船 栞子
Lanzhu Zhong 鍾嵐珠
Mia Taylor ミア・テイラー
Nesoberi 寝そべり

Here's a list of the approximate dimensions and weight of each neso size. You'll need this if you wanna know an estimate of the shipping cost. KCMs and NNNs are a bit weird such they come in different sizes, so do keep that in mind.

Size Dimensions (L x W x H) (in cms) Weight (in grams)
Keychain Mascot 14 x 11 x 7 Around 80 grams
Normal Nesoberi 20 x 13 x 10 Around 120 grams
Jumbos 30 x 20 x 15 Around 450-500 grams
Mega Jumbos 40 x 26 x 22 Around 650 grams
LL nesos 50 x 30 x 25 Around 800-850 grams
Tera Jumbo 100 x 50 x 40 Around 3-4 kilograms